Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last Post on Blogger

Well, this is my last post on Blogger. I'm working on a wordpress blog. Check it out at Hope to see you there...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Samuel Smith Organic Raspberry Beer

Next, I tried Samuel Smith Organic Raspberry fruit ale. This was a good beer, but like I said, I like fruity beer's. When poured into a frosty glass the red tint of the beer is very evident. I sniff of the top of the glass gives great hints of the raspberry which is present on the first taste. This beer was almost like a fruit drink instead of a beer. There isn't as much of a hint of raspberry as there is a hint of beer. I liked it a lot and I would like to try their cherry fruit ale as well.

Baltika #4 Dark Lager

After the honey beer I tried the Baltika No. 4 Dark Lager. Definitely different from the sweet beer, this beer was a thick dark beer with a definite bitter taste. Not that it was bad, thats just the type of beer it is. The Baltika website says it has a hint of bread and slight bitterness. I guess I didn't really think of the beer as tasting of bread, but I could taste the slight bitterness. It isn't that the beer isn't good, I guess in general I don't care for bitter beers, but it wasn't bad after you start.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dundee Honey Brown Lager

Two weeks ago (yea i'm not updating often enough) I tried the Dundee Honey Brown Lager. Infused with pure clover honey, this beer falls in line with my "sweet or fruity" beers that I like. I thought I could taste the honey just barely but thats probably the point, just a hint. It was a very drinkable beer and I would buy it again. Check out their website for info on the Honey Brown Lager.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New RTP Railfan Site

I really enjoy creating websites, so as I've learned new things I try to incorporate them into my websites. I have completely re-done the RTP Railfan website. It has a new layout and I think a better look to it. I'm still putting the final touches on it so some of the links probably aren't working but its pretty much there. Check it out.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Abita Abbey Ale

The next beer on the list is Abita Abbey Ale. I normally drink Purple Haze made by Abita. This is also a wheat ale like the apricot ale. However, purple haze has raspberry infuzed in it. A description of the Abbey Ale can be found at the Abita Website. This beer is a nice dark brown and has a thick head. I can definitely smell cloves and hints of what seems like banana bread to me. Defintely smells of fruit. A very different taste from the apricot beer though, thicker and richer. This is fairly good. I would rate it a B in my book. is officially gone in two days. Oh well. I have created the new page to take its place. Its already shown up in the search engines so its defnitely doing better than the last site. However, one of our favorite places to eat in Holly Springs, La Dolce Vita, closed down. They had really good pizza and we hate that they are gone. They have another resturant in Sanford but we never really head that way.

Total Wine

So I hit the Total Wine with the wife this afternoon for some beer. I was overwhemlmed by the types of beer they have. So I got 12 or so random beers for $40 (no one said they were cheap). So I think I'll use this blog to keep track of these beers and how they are. I actually got the first beer at our local Lowe's foods. The first time I had this beer was out in Seattle on a vacation. Pyramid Breweries makes the Audacious Apricot Wheat Ale and I'm a big fan of it. You definitely get apricot taste (I really like beer with fruit flavors). I'll start with this one tonight and see how the evening progresses.