Friday, November 30, 2007

Railfanning around Apex, NC

Apex is a pretty good place to watch trains. Although I never really see the Amtraks because they are during work hours and later at night (about 9:30 if its on time), I do on occation pick up a freight train going though. I can usually pick these up on my scanner from Holly Springs. I'll post some pics when I get home. By the way, I believe I will start having monthly articles on railfanning locations around the area. These won't be posted here, I am setting up a site, that will hopefully be up soon.

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Web Page Design and AdSense

Wow, developing a webpage is pretty difficult if you haven't done it before. You can get really cool results though by using Photoshop. I have a Nikon D80 camera and I have some cool shots of train related stuff. I incorporated some of those photos in and it turned out really good. I think the website if gonna be cool. I think its just a matter of me coming up to speed with the programs. I hope to have it up soon. I'm going to incorporate some flash and movies. Hopefully that won't be too difficult. I also hope to get enough traffic to make some money from adsense. I need to get a domain host too.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I think I am going to take a more active role in the internet. I've been reading about Google AdSense and I really want to see what its all about. I'm going to create some webpages about specific topics that interest me and see how it goes. Specifically railfanning in the Research Triangle Park area. This will include my interest in scanners and all things RF. My brother has become quite the artist in the past few years and I want to see if I can setup a website to sell some of his work. Maybe I can get him interested in painting railroad scenes. I think he wanted to do that anyways. I should also be posting to this blog more often.

By the way, In the Springs, come from the area I live. Holly Springs, NC, one of the up and coming areas around Research Triangle Park.