Saturday, January 16, 2010

Total Wine

So I hit the Total Wine with the wife this afternoon for some beer. I was overwhemlmed by the types of beer they have. So I got 12 or so random beers for $40 (no one said they were cheap). So I think I'll use this blog to keep track of these beers and how they are. I actually got the first beer at our local Lowe's foods. The first time I had this beer was out in Seattle on a vacation. Pyramid Breweries makes the Audacious Apricot Wheat Ale and I'm a big fan of it. You definitely get apricot taste (I really like beer with fruit flavors). I'll start with this one tonight and see how the evening progresses.

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meech said...

Hey Brian,

Greeting from Pyramid Breweries in Seattle! So glad to hear you're enjoying the Audacious! To extend our thanks for the nice shout out, I'd like to mail you a few goodies. Would you kindly send an email with your address and t-shirt size to Look forward to hearing from you!

Life is what you pour into it.
Pyramid Breweries :: Seattle, WA